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Powell's Totally Normal, non-Creepy Business Incubator now Cultivating Protopod Orc Larvae

Powell, WY

Big news from Powell's most normal, legitimate, absence-of-creepy-establishment, the Business and Technology Incubator! That's right! The non-overgrown, broodyless, house on unhaunted hill, in conjunction with Target Powell Valley, has just announced the successful cultivation and release of an Orc army! Adorable Orc babies right here in the Basin! Said a representative named Belphegor,

'Yeah, pretty routine, non-sketchy stuff, here. Just growin' Orc pupae and whatnot. Yessiree, just a normal day on the outskirts of Tree City, USA. No chance these little buggers will ever propagate on their own and rule Middle Earth.'

And there you have it, patrons. If ol' Belphegor says it while adorable little spiders run from his mouth as he speaks, it must be true. Totes normal place doing totes normal things. Just keep on keepin' on and give those wee Orcs a snack, should you see one, else they may eat your face off.

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