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Powell’s K- Saloon to Offer Pumpkin Spice Jager Bombs This Fall

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Powell, WY

In a constant state of reinvention, posh watering hole, K- Saloon, has just announced that it will feature pumpkin spice Jager Bombs, starting mid-September. Always one step ahead of their peers, The K- branding executives have really doubled down, this time. What with the success of last Easter’s Jelly Belly-infused Kamikazes, this move was a no brainer. Said a rather smug mixologist with the enterprise,

'We’re just giving our customers what they want. And what they want is great tasting vomit. Call us old fashioned, but mild alcohol poisoning should mean something.'

No word yet on whether or not lead competitor, Backstreet Pub, will be responding to shots fired over the bow.

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