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Powell Moms React to Albertson's/Shopko Deal

Powell, WY

With a recent and cryptic announcement that Albertson’s has purchased Powell’s vacant Shopko building, the town is buzzing with opinion. The Telegraph’s tireless aim to bring readers front and center to the headlines that matter most, our reporters were able to interview several Powell moms regarding their feelings on the matter:

‘I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but my friends and I are prepared to complain about this place as much as we do the other two grocery stores in town. If push comes to shove, we’ll hate shopping here, too…’ –Sarah, 36
‘Will there be a place to put shopping carts in the parking lot? I’d pay double for my Hot Pockets with a perk like that…’-Sharon, 50
‘I heard they’re still going to sell Spalding tennis shoes like Shopko did. My dad is dying for a new pair…’ –Jacque, 30
‘I just want my husband to stop making the ‘Mr. D’s nuts’ joke. I hate it. Although he’s already working on an ‘Albert’s sons’ quip…’ –Deb, 43
‘Blair’s has gas, booze, and bath bombs. That’s tough to beat…’ –Carol, 60
‘I hear Kanye will be the produce manager…’ –Your Meddlesome Aunt
‘Starbucks, b*tches!’ –Basic Millennial
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Blairs is ridiculously expensive! I gladly spend a few dollars in gas to shop at Walmart

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