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Powell Dad Does, Like, Maybe Three Projects in Back Yard...Still awaiting knighthood.

Powell, WY

Spring, or something like it, has happened upon the Basin. And while the weekend bliss was cut a bit short due to a friendly winter squall, one Powell dad still had the chance to risk life and limb in the back yard, completing a project or two. The underappreciated husband and father braved midday temps as low as 65 degrees Fahrenheit to make conditions in the back yard, ‘just a bit better than he had as a kid.’ Shocked from the lack of gratitude afforded by his wife and kids, the man tearfully dished to The Telegraph,

...And it’s like, ‘oh my bad’. I guess we should have just left the patio furniture covered all summer, eh? I also didn’t see any of them standing in line to pick those old sticks up and burn them in the fire pit while drinking beer, either. Yeah, daddy’s just a regular loser, isn’t he?!

Citing complications from almost getting sunburned, our working man’s hero had to cut the interview short. All the Telegraph could do was watch him limp back to his chilly reality as an abused handbro. That was it.

Oh, we also witnessed his son urinate on the BBQ grill at the same time. That part was actually pretty funny.

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