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Powell: Club Dauntless Mulling Option of Adding Another Gym for Residents to Argue About Online

Powell, WY

Successful gym and potential franchise, Lovell's Club Dauntless is looking into possibly opening a Powell location. The expansion would certainly benefit the Powell Community, but what really has residents buzzing, is the opportunity to argue online about another facility they perceive to be the BEST in town. Stated a local hopeful,

'We're really excited at the prospect of a new facility where we can gather to improve our health, but, honestly, we're mostly excited to take to Facebook and passive-aggressively berate one another about our own personal choice for a gym, and why it is clearly the best choice.'

When pressed about whether or not this could permanently take the attention and hatred away from the new convention center slated for Powell, the resident was sure to double down,

'No way. Rest assured, if there is something we can trivialize and be mad about within the community, we're going to do it. We're committed. In it for the long haul'

The committed citizen strolled away, strategically asking for tattoo artist recommendations within the area on Powell Valley Exchange.

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