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Pentagon Confirms 'Independence Day' Mothership Behind MT Smoke Plume

Park County, WY

The ides of June have brought unseasonably hot temperatures to the area, and an outbreak of fires, too. Of particular visibility and concern is the Robertson Draw fire near Red Lodge, Montana. Multiplying in size at an exponential rate, the 20,000+ acre fire is bearing down on a handful of communities, and an army of firefighters are doing their best to keep the blaze at bay.

To compound the abysmal news, The Pentagon has just confirmed the hostile mothership from the movie, Independence Day, has taken to the smoke plume as a haven to plot global domination-again. Said an unofficial official with the 'gon,

'Hopefully it's just a grab for attention, but we need to consider that these assholes could also shoot their laser thingy. Will Smith has yet to return our phone calls...'

So congratulations on surviving the pandemic, telegraphers. Looks like it could be a long summer. More on the story pending Will Smith's response.

-The Telegraph

--Also a sincere thank you to the brave men and women fighting these fires. Godspeed!

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