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Park County Hillbillies Propose Just Shooting and Leaving Recyclables on BLM Land

Powell, WY

Sparks flew in God's country as funding was recently cut for Park County's recycling programs-to the tune of 7000 dollars. Not having it, a recycling advocacy group in the area set their kombuchas down and put a persuasive amount of pressure on the commissioner to reinstate funding. Further upon hearing the news, Park County's darling superpower, the HLGBT (Hillbilly Liaison Group for a Better Tomorrow) was outraged. Quick to state a levelheaded alternative, the group's spokesman stated,

'Recyclables? Nah, you mean targets. Just take that crap out to Polecat Bench or the McCulloughs, shoot it, pee on it, and leave it.Then use the seven grand for stuff and whatnot. Problem solved.'

Tempting as it were, the commissioner still thought it fit to reinstate the recycling funding. Good job, commissioner.

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