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Park County Fair to Debut New Carnival Ride: METHNADO

Powell, WY

Slayer, Duke Caboom, and now a new carnival ride?! Serendipity! You read it here first, folks, a new carnival ride will grace the Park County Fair's midway, this year. METHNADO is scheduled to blow into town the Sunday proceeding the fair, and stay around all week. Named after it's inspiration, we were able to meet with METHNADO's concept guy and lead builder. Said the renaissance man,

'This bad boy has everything: dirty seats, smells like diesel and cigarettes, lots of sketchy welds, and a cost per ride of 75 tickets. We fully expect METHNADO to be a crowd favorite.'

Do not attempt to adjust you mobile devices, Telegraphers, this is the real deal. Stay tuned to The Telegraph for this and other bombshell stories ahead of fair week!



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