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'Out of Ideas' Says Administration Worth Ten Faculty Salaries

Powell, WY

Tensions continue to rise regarding Northwest College's budget woes. New avenues for reconciling the shortfall have failed to materialize, even following a litany of public comment for solutions in lieu of faculty layoffs. The results stand to reason, however, as the institution is pretty much teeming with extra help to begin with. Dishing to Telegraph reporters, an embellished insider close to the situation had this to say,

'The public comments were good or whatever, but it is still the stance of the institution and board, that faculty layoffs totally make the most sense. Ethical layoffs, though. Ones that happen in April.'

Who are we to judge, though. 75:1 is the new 20:1 golden ratio for students-to-faculty AND everyone has until April. win-win. More on this story as it develops-especially if a happier ending is in order.

We love you, Northwest College Faculty! While the situation is dire and complicated, here's to hoping for a better solution in the 11th hour.

-The Telegraph

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