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Op-Ed: Your Opinion on Masks is Valid, Probably Annoying, and Totally Unoriginal.

Powell, WY

No one likes masks. Zero people. None.

From the Kid Rock devotees adorned in 'Don't Tread on Me' collages that span their entire pickups, to the offended types who literally plan on observing Independence Day like good little drones-in groups of three-by burning the flag. The whole spectrum. Hates. Masks.

Whether you believe they're an infringement on your liberties, or just another pompous thing to lord over someone who thinks differently than you, masks still suck. We all agree. Eh? Suck. They're hot, spitty, mess your beards up, etc. The list goes on and on.

So with the recent state-wide repeal of the mask mandate in Wyoming, Park County School District #1 has made the decision to uphold the requirement on their campuses for at least the remainder of the year. And, yep. Fireworks. Because, why not?

The QANON brigade are all like, 'These sheeple are so sheepy and weak! Totally going to threaten to homeschool my kids, again.' And the snooty blue crybabies are all like, 'Science says if you don't triple mask, then you don't love Che Guevara.'

Here's the thing The Telegraph remembers that so many have forgotten: March, April, and May of 2020. Yep. Those three months of absolute despair where grownups had to work from home, help their kids get an education from home, try to not lose their jobs from home, and try to keep some semblance of sanity throughout the whole process. We totally remember that. And shudder at the idea of repeating it.

Then, while we were remembering that, we also remembered how the doors of PCSD1 schools went against the popular grain and fought tooth and nail to keep doors open ALL YEAR LONG. Google how many states didn't do that. Do it. Google it, you warriors, you. Then come back and finish this ridiculous Op-Ed thingy.

Further, we remembered how there are dozens, if not hundreds of PCSD1 faculty (with their own opinions, facts, fears, and frustrations, mind you) that have shown up every single day to teach our kids, when some districts and unions vehemently refused-and still do. Ooh, then we remembered our manners when we felt tempted to say something stupid on social media about this development.

It's a pretty simple exercise to just be kind. And to shut up when the things we have to say are zero percent helpful to the situation at hand. Conditions really suck at the moment, but it is very fair to realize that no one probably understands that more than the district does. Even our kids seem to be making the best of it. It is what it is for the time being.

Liberty is super cool (sorry far left, it totally is. ALL of it. Even the parts you don't like). It's as delicate as eggshells, and we may never get certain portions of it back (sorry far right, it is difficult to predict what will happen. No matter how many deep state documentaries you post.). When a government dictates the things we can and cannot do, a portion of liberty is usurped. So let's be grateful for the small steps, eh?

Masks will go away. The decision will ultimately rest on the individual, as it should, and we can all go back to being mad at something else. If masks don't go away, then we just might have real grounds for a fight, but for now, keeping our children on as normal a path as possible should remain the cause to unite behind.

Fight for your causes while it's still legal to. Just be smart. And kind. This too shall pass, whatever that means. Oh, but still believe everything you read on The Telegraph. We love you and know what's best for you.

-The Telegraph

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