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Octonauts Arrive in Yellowstone to Cull Lake Trout

Yellowstone National Park

A match made in super-volcano heaven. Yellowstone biologists have just announced that they have tapped The Octonauts to help get a handle on the Lake Trout population in Yellowstone Lake. Some 20 million dollars into controlling the invasive species, officials have thrown their hands up and brought in the best of the best. While officially in retirement, The Octonauts have never been an organization to shy away from the greater good of an ecosystem. The troupe's own Peso dished to The Telegraph on how they planned to do it,

'Shellington and I will retrofit a minigun to the Gup E, at which point I'll start blowing these a##holes away the way Schwarzenegger takes out Bennett's men in Commando...'

At press time, body counts were in the quadruple digits. Biologists remain positive that in spite of spent brass blanketing the bottom of Yellowstone Lake, their mission should be accomplished in time for opening day of the park.

--The Telegraph

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