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NWC Budget Strife Pinned on Group Home for Disabled Adults

Powell, WY

Things go from complicated to downright tough for one of Wyoming's finest higher educators. As with similar institutions, Northwest College has grappled with state funding and enrollment issues long enough to make even the most robust budgets wince. Ironically, though, a group home for disabled adults has reached beyond the throes of the common budget imp, and has been cited as the primary catalyst for the Board of Trustees to take such aggressive action. Said an anonymous source,

' Now let me be perfectly clear. We totally love group homes for the disabled. Love them. We're just casually blaming them for the ruination of our institution...and encouraging them to move closer to Sheridan College, that's all.'

More on the development of this story, and other things group homes have ruined, as details become available. Also, best wishes to those soon-affected by the cuts, should it come to that.

-The Telegraph

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