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Northwest College Eyes Log Ride to Bolster Attendance

Powell, WY

Deep in the throes of recession, Northwest College is leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of strengthening attendance. The latest proposal in a string of many has the community buzzing with excitement. That's right. A log ride. Right smack in the center of campus. And not just any log ride, The Trappers are eyeballing the Ponderosa 5000!

Given exclusive access, The Telegraph was able to sit down with the president of the college for a fake but crucial interview on the log ride project. Said the president and subsequent PR rep for the project,

'It's simple business, really: you slash your staff, build a log ride, and pay for it with some tax thingys. These kids want want a splashtastic experience, not an abundance of programs and staff.'

And there it is, Telegraphers. The art of the deal. Sources close to the enterprise have dished to The Telegraph that while The Ponderosa 5000 is the goal, The Lodgepole 2500 would still be a pretty solid consolation. More on the project as details emerge.

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