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No Reservations! Swanky Ralston Restaurant Makes a Mean Knuckle Sandwich

Ralson, WY

With the recent surge in transplants to the Basin, entertainment businesses such as restaurants, bars, and other boutiques have sure realized the benefits. So much so, that many cannot keep enough help hired to cover the spread. That is, for the ordinary masses.

With the new business renaissance, Park County has finally gifted their residents with an exclusive, members-only dining establishment. And, yeah, it's pretty much impossible to get a table there.

Meet 77*56. The posh industrial eatery set alongside the tracks in the Powell suburb of Ralston. Not a lot is known about the place, other than the fact that you sure as hell better be on the guest list before strolling through the front door. Exactly how do you get on the list? Well, we don't really know. We aren't going to guess, either. Because we don't want to get beat up.

So good luck getting a table, peeps. Especially if you're a Skylar or Devin from Portland. Probably not the demographic 77*56 had in mind when opening their doors. Maybe just stick with craft brews at WyOld West.

For all the other would-be patrons, let us know how the charcuterie board is!

-The Telegraph

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