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New Study Concludes Your Opinion on Grizzly Bears and Wolves the Only One That Really Matters

Cody, WY

A comprehensive study conducted by the Telegraph Bureau for the Preservation of Sacred Opinion (TBPSO) has just been released to the Wyoming public, and has sent lots of really smart people into a tailspin. Some 870 pages, the report basically repeats the premise that your opinion, especially if misspelled on social media, is the only one that has any real value when it comes to the (previously thought complex) issues of bears and wolves in the state. Said a bewildered, educated biologist,

I had honestly thought that after attending college for eight years, spending thousands of hours in the field doing research, and studying the historic patterns and behaviors of these animals, that I knew a thing or two. Nope. @chix_beers_guns just schooled me on Twitter by calling me an idiott(sic). I'm done.

Journalism ain't easy. And your opinions shouldn't end where an abundance of factual data begins. Keep fighting, warriors. And, biologists, learn to code or whatever.

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