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New Cody Hip Hop Entrepreneur: "Lil' Wayne's Boot Shop" Coming Soon

Cody, WY

Move over, Kanye. There's a new hip hop millionaire in town; a Cash Money Millionaire to be precise...and he's also into footwear. Workin' folk footwear.

Key insiders have confirmed to The Telegraph that Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, better know as Lil' Wayne*, has put forth the intention to settle and conduct business in the 82414. Divulging his business model, fake insiders have stated Lil' intends to purchase Cody's iconic Wayne's Boot Shop and flip to, Lil' Wayne's Boot Shop.

Pushing the traditional boundaries of the boot, Lil' Wayne insists he will tactfully blend the style that won the West with the attitude and flare of the urban cowboy. Gold chains included on all purchases over a grand, to boot!

With over 120 million records sold, including those from Rebirth (an excellent record, by the way), we at The Telegraph are excited to see the venture unfold.

-The Telegraph

*Translation for some white people: Lil' Wayne is sort of like Kanye- just way more humble.

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