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Mixed Reactions as Tad Mikowski Joins Sleeping Giant Pro Staff

Sleeping Giant Ski Area, Cody

Saturday morning brought us a decent drop in temperature. With that drop in temperature, a flirtatious amount of cloud cover and humidity. Could it really be that tomorrow may bring a blanket of snow? Or even just a blessed flake or two?!

All the same, staff at Sleeping Giant are returning to their battle stations in preparation for the '21-'22 season-some familiar faces, and some new ones. One particular face has the entire mountain abuzz, however: frozen bad boy, Tad Mikowski. Yeah. Read that again.

Reactions remain mixed over the controversial new employee and The Telegraph just happens to have a statement from an unnamed party close to the situation. Dished the anonymous,

'He literally pulls up in an old Miata, gets out, and starts yelling at everyone. About nothing. Just stupid demands and bad nicknames. We don't even know what his job is. Things are tense to say the least.'

More on the situation as information becomes available. Until then, here's to that blanket of snow.

-The Telegraph

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