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Midway Carnival to Offer Expedited Money Loss at Park County Fair

Powell, WY

In an effort to become an even more convenient summer destination, The Park County Fair has announced that their carnival affiliate, Midway Carnival, will be adding more options to dispose of your cash this year. In addition to the rides, games, and all other fair fare, multiple locations around the campus will be available for you to dump money into. The units are called Insta-Broke 5000's and man can they chew up money. Said a rep with a cigar made from a hundred dollar bill,

'We just want patrons to be able to hemorrhage money as fast as they can, as many ways as they can. Have an extra twenty bucks but don't have the time to blow it trying to win a Motley Crue glossy? Just pitch it in the Insta-broke on your way out. Problem solved.'

Bring your cabbage and see you at the fair, Telegraphers!

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