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Locals React to Sunlight Sports Statement to Patrons:

Cody, WY

Longstanding and iconic Cody business, Sunlight Sports, released a statement on Tuesday, October 13th urging grouchy or otherwise intolerant customers to simply shop elsewhere. With over six hundred shares in a twenty four hour period, there is much ado about the Facebook post.

Beholden to our endless quest of providing quality fake news to the Park County masses, The Telegraph has assembled a cross section of local reactions. They are as follows:

'BOYCOTT!' -Biff, 64

'Totally shared it for no other reason than to pontificate to my conservative friends' -Karen, 47

'Wait, do we have to wear a mask if we go in?' -Greg, 30

'Totally shared it for no other reason than to call a large demographic of people, 'Snowflakes'' -Skeeter, 54

'I hate myself, does that count?'-Lynn, 32

'Never been in there, but pretty sure I'm still mad about it.' -Lita, 49 1/2

'Snowboarding isn't a sport. Neither is alpine skiing.' -Every Tele-Skier, Ever

'DUMP TRUMP' -Angsty Bunch of Teenagers

'Sorry. Not a real store if they don't sell guns.' -Dan, 40

'That place smells so spellbinding and complexingly amazing, I'd punch my own face before I stopped going in there.' -The Telegraph

--The Telegraph

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