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Local School Drop-Off Lines Upgraded to 'Long Term Parent Parking'

Powell, WY

Life with a family is nothing short of controlled chaos- especially for those with little people in public schools. Get them up, get yelled at. Feed them, get yelled at. Get them in the car for school, get yelled at. Feedback from our littles abounds, but a new proposal from a fake panel on public schooling in Park County may have the solution for those crazy mornings: Long Term Parking parking provisions, perfectly centered in front of the school. The response has been overwhelmingly positive as such in the instance of a parent who has already been a proponent of the new perk for years now,

'Perfect! Now when I pull up to school with my griddle, child's wardrobe, and previous night's homework, we can pick away at it peacefully.'

Just because drop off is the busiest time of day, doesn't mean it has to be the craziest! More on rumors of a curbside snack service as they become available.

-The Telegraph

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