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Local Pervert Suddenly Into Hiking Following 'Squaw Teats' Debacle

Hot Springs County, WY

A recent kerfuffle surrounding the title of two Hot Springs County peaks has garnered the attention of many. Some believe the name is outdated and offensive and others think tradition shouldn't be trifled with. Tossing out both schools of thought, one local pervert has really captured this as an opportunity to do some sightseeing. Said a guy named Biff,

'I guess you could say I'm pretty new to sightseeing in the area, but I'll be honest, anything with the name 'Teat' in it becomes a real priority. Suffice it to say, I'm headed out first thing in the morning to find them.'

We didn't have the heart to explain to the would-be explorer that the teats in which he seeks are just hills in the middle of a hot desert, but alas, we did recommend he bring extra water and sunscreen. The fall will be humbling, but the lesson meaningful.

The Telegraph

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