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Local Open-Border Advocate Won’t Shovel an Inch of Elderly Neighbor’s Sidewalk

Cody, WY

Much of the state has been blanketed with snow this week, and with it, has dispatched an army of shovelers. Neighbors compete to see who gets done first, shoulders are thrown out from horrible ergonomics, and the emergency room is filled with slip/trip/fall patients. Ahh, winter in Wyoming.

Take heart, though, because there is a way to politicize snow removal. Through diligent journalism, The Telegraph was able to interview a Cody man on the fluffy Mason-Dixon line he left between his neighbor's property, and his own. Pushed on why he didn't do the hospitable thing and finish his elderly neighbor's walk, too, the man replied,

'Borders are the very definition of hatred and nationalism, but, yeah, no possible way I'm going to traipse all over Betty's property trying to look like the good guy. That's her land, this is mine.'

Things took a turn for the worse when we suggested to our interviewee that sidewalks were public property, and that Betty was 90 years old. After wiping hot coffee from our eyes, we left the scene. Here's to hoping the groundhog doesn't see his shadow, this February... And that Groundhog's Day isn't declared hateful in the meantime.


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