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Local Atheist Foodies Completely Deny Hawg Heaven's Existence

Powell, WY

Not your grandmother's potluck club, Park County's own progressive food organization, Foodies Against The Stance of Oppression (FATSO) have just declared war on ALL businesses with clever names-especially those religious in nature. We caught up with the group during a recent protest outside one of Hawg Heaven's frequent stops; said an angsty 40 year old spokesperson for the group through black lipstick,

'These like, little fairytales, or whatever? They're ignorant and superstitious. Hawg Heaven just exists to scare little kids into mindless obedience. Religious idiomatic expressions in restaurant names are like, the Opioid of...'

Our interview was suddenly cut short after our child of the abyss caught scent of the pulled pork nachos from Hawg Heaven, gorged on them, and was baptized on sight.

-The Telegraph

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