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Determined Summer Tourist Still Trying to Surf Wyoming

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Cody, WY

The 2021 Northwest Wyoming tourist season has [mostly] come to and end, but that hasn't stopped one tenacious visitor from attempting to fulfill his summer plans. Dead set on answering the challenge seen on a host of local merchandise, the Californian wanderer explained to The Telegraph in a recent interview,

"I'll surf this state if its the last thing I do! I just wish the instructions weren't so cryptic- I've tried for months and not a single wave."

It was the Telegraph's suggestion that, even though certain Wyoming Rivers could actually be surfed at varied times of the year, the phrase could be used as a more figurative expression, urging him to just explore our beautiful state in the interim. Or at the very least, through the winter.

"Well, I guess I could try skiing or whatever."

At press time, the befuddled, frostbitten, sojourner was seen stepping out of Sunlight Sports with an armload of ski gear. While we have yet to see him succeed at skiing, we here at The Telegraph are thankful to see him in something other than flip-flops and shorts.


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