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Kanye's Permitless Dogooders Required to Put Litter Back Along WY-120

Cody, WY

Emotions continue to abound surrounding Cody’s most recent celebrity resident, Kanye West. His team’s latest shenanigans of picking up trash along WY-120 have exemplified the area’s fear regarding his raucous lifestyle taking hold in the community. Furthermore, and in accordance with governance set aside for troublesome rappers without permits, a secret agency is requiring the trash collected be put back where it came from. Said a guy with the agency in a recent press release,

‘Exactly the kind of insolence we expected from Kanye. Coming to our town, cleaning it and whatnot. Rules are rules, and without a permit thingy to clean up litter along the highway, we are demanding it be put back until some more studies and stuff can be done.’

No word from West’s grievous band of miscreants at press time. We at The Telegraph can only surmise they are too busy volunteering at the animal shelter or hospice to be bothered by such matters. More on future atrocities as they unfold.

-The Park County Telegraph

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