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Jump Start Kindergartners Already Proficient in Mouthing Bad Words Under Masks

Powell, WY

Emotions abounded as many Park County parents dropped their kindergartners off for their first day of Jump Start Kindergarten, this morning. The spectrum ranged from euphoric joy to sadness, to fear of the unknown, but one thing is for sure, the kindergartners are back and with a vocabulary worthy of CDC guidelines. Said one Powell boy to a fake teacher during recess,

'Hey! I learned a ton of new words during quarantine that I can whisper under my mask with total anonymity. Like this one thing I heard my dad say when changing a flat tire.....hey, my boogers taste like strawberries.....What was I talking about? Towanda!'

Frankly, we're just glad the district has seen it fit to get the kids back into a routine. While vocabulary has been a bit more expedient than usual, a panel of concerned moms has also agreed that they we're going to learn those words from the older kids once school starts, anyways. Here's to a good year, Park County School Districts!

The Telegraph.

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