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Jay-Z & Beyonce reportedly shopping for a “modest” home in Powell

Powell, WY

In what appears to be a growing trend, hip hop power couple Jay-Z & Beyonce have expressed interest in purchasing their own slice of heaven in Wyoming. But in a recent phone interview with the Park County Telegraph, Jay-Z didn’t sound particularly interested in upstaging his West Coast contemporaries.

“Yeah, me and Kanye keep in touch, and this whole ranch thing he got goin’ on is dope”

said Jay-Z as he surveyed real estate listings on his diamond encrusted iPad from the couple’s loft in Manhattan,

“But me & Bey are leaning a little more towards a place in Powell. I don’t wanna be cleaning out barns and s—t, and Powell seems a little more chill than Cody.”

Jay-Z was also quick to caution that while the couple is excited by the prospect of obtaining property in Powell, their search is still in the preliminary stages and a number of potential hurdles remain.

“Bey wants something splashy—like one of them all-brick houses on the West side, over by that church with the pointy thing on the roof. With a fancy vinyl fence, and all that. But, me, I like a place with character--you know what I’m saying? Like, give me a modest split-level ranch in an older neighborhood, and we all good.”

Jay-Z was also quick to point out that while houses in Powell are priced well below what the couple is used to spending on property, they still aim to find a good deal,

“Money ain’t no object. I mean, I could probably buy the entire town of Powell if I wanted to…but me and Bey, we didn’t build this empire on frivolous spending, man. House prices are a little whack there. Seems like you got your choice of overpriced places that need a lot of work, or overpriced houses in neighborhoods that look like they tryin’ to be the suburbs, you know?”

Still, Jay-Z seemed optimistic that he and Beyonce would eventually find a place that suits them both, and at a reasonable price.

“I guess we just need to find us a local Realtor and start working through our options, you know? Seems like there are about 500 Realtors in Powell (Editors note: There are under 100 Realtors in Powell, but, yeah.), so I’m sure one of them can help us realize our dream.”

-Freddy Flyrod, Editor

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