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Frozen's Anna Spotted Near Buffalo Bill Dam, Wanted for Questioning

Cody, WY

Frozen Mania has swept the Big Horn Basin, but not without a handful of incidents. In the fray of popcorn, candy, and ICEEs, one of the movie's biggest characters has decided to take a suspicious liking to the Cody area. Spotted around the Buffalo Bill Dam a handful of times, authorities are starting to take notice and are asking for anyone in the basin who may know of her whereabouts to contact them.

At present, officials believe its just coincidence that those she has spoken to have all corroborated the same story, where she frantically asks them where to find the Sleeping Giant. Residents are encouraged to continue about their business and notify them of further encounters....and to also tell the edgy Anna that the Sleeping Giant is somewhere near Boysen. Just to be safe.

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