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FAIR WATCH: Yeah, the Pigs are a Little Irritable

Powell, WY

Well, day one of The Park County Fair is in the books, and overall, pretty solid. Crowds were decent, weather was tolerable once the clouds came, the thunder of a thousand clogs filled the free stage, and lots of pigs were thrown in barrels. The Telegraph gives day one two corn dogs up. Not without drama, though, some scuttlebutt did begin to seep from a handful of animal exhibits. The pigs, in particular, had much ado regarding their accommodations. Said a pig laying in poo to a Telegraph reporter,

'Pff. We're doing the best we can. Its a thousand degrees, we're farty and bloated, and you pompous creeps keep talking about how bad we stink...well...have you sons a b@tches ever thought you're the ones that stink?!'

Pretty existential, we'd say. With a bit more cloud cover expected today, we hope for an improved disposition in the pig barn. Stay plugged in to The Telegraph for more on FAIR WATCH 2019...

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