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Eye Witness: Some Rich White Guys Had Lunch at Proud Cut, Today

Cody, WY

Like something from, 'The Wolf of Wall Street', a pack of highly successful white guys gathered for lunch at Cody's Proud Cut Saloon. The confident troupe waltzed in around 11:45, asking the waitress if she'd scoot two tables together in spite of the fact that there was a really big table in the dining area, already. Said the alpha while snapping,

'Let's see your list of Gin.'

An eyewitness surmised the group was probably there on business, but sure did drink and flirt with the waitress a lot,

'One guy, the one with the bolo tie, kept telling the waitress that his ex wife was a shrew and that he didn't have anyone to share his condo in Havasu with. He was super old and built like Danny DeVito. Pretty sure he was hammered, too'

The group stumbled out around 1:30. The nervous one who was clearly either the new guy or an intern, knocked over the smoker cooking rib on the way out.

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