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EXPOSED: Ancient Covenant Demands Residents of 2AB Drive Obnoxiously Slow on 14A

Highway 14A, Park County

A team of forensic archaeologists dedicated to solving mysterious driving patterns on the Powell-Cody Highway, has just made a pivotal discovery for the area of 2AB and 14A. Plagued with the mystery of why residents on the beautiful section of Park County drive so painfully slow when 14A reduces to two lanes, the team made a breakthrough: Ancient Covenants.

That's right. Covenants. Like something out of a Nicholas Cage movie. Has to be. Said no one at all,

'We're still getting our heads around this one, but it appears the covenant requires residents of 2AB to drive perfectly on the four-lane portions of Northeast-bound 14A, then reduce their speed by half as soon as the highway loses the opportunity to pass.'

Mystery solved. Whew. And if you live on 2AB, take heart. It isn't your fault. You didn't sign up for this covenant. May you feel empowered to pitch in, hire a team of oracles to crack open the celestial rift and banish that pesky covenant back to where it came from.


The Telegraph

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