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Dr. Mario Tapped to Head County's New COVID Taskforce

Park County, WY

Advocates for a more robust plan to tackle COVID in Park County have finally been heard. And the county is bringing in the big gun, himself: Dr. Mario. Fauci be damned, we went straight to the top for real, REAL experience in viral warfare. Said the head of a fake committee to The Telegraph,

'Dr. Mario is the real deal. Not only has he been fighting the nastiest of viruses since the mid-80's, he also does it with cool music a total swagger. Red viruses, yellow ones, he's got a pill for it...and a vendetta.'

The news comes at a time when, quite frankly, we could all use some encouragement. More on this story as the doctor finds the correct combination of colored pills to fight COVID. Godspeed, Dr. Mario!

The Telegraph

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