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Delta Variant Suspected in Decimation of Willwood Elk Herd

Willwood Dam, Powell

Deltamania continues to escalate around Park County, leaving many of us to wonder what fall could look like for an otherwise back-to-normal existence. And while the Telegraph won't be so bold as to assert Delta has for sure made the jump from human to animal, we do have it on pretty good authority that it possibly maybe did or whatever.

Said the newly appointed Park County Health Officer of Fake Human-to-Animal Virus Mutations to the Telegraph at an undisclosed location,

'Has to be the Delta that wiped out the Willwood herd. I mean, the only other explanation could be that some as*hole dumped the carcasses out there. But yeah. We're pretty certain its Delta.'

An impact study has yet to be released on what losing both elk will do to the Willwood ecosystem, but pro-wolf advocates are still considering it an early win for riverbanks and erosion and such.

-The Telegraph

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