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Cody's Gasthaus Cardi to Open Alternate Location: 'Cardi B'

Cody, WY

As the old Sound of Music classic timelessly states, schnitzel with noodles really is among all our favorite things. Preparing for the increased demand, Cody's Gasthaus Cardi has just dished to The Telegraph that they intend to launch an additional location. 'Cardi B' will still feature all the spoils of traditional German cuisine, only more strategically aimed at millennials. Said no one ever,

'Cardi B' will have it all: a Kielbasa buffet, Bratwurst fondue, and Braunschweiger out the yinyang. Millenials will feel right at home taking selfies, listening to perverted music, and grazing on all matter of suggestive German cuisine.'

This exciting news comes at a time of evolution for Cody. What with Kanye, 'Cardi B', and talk of Lil' Wayne merger with Wayne's Boots, younger residents are just beside themselves with excitement. That's a strudel you can hang your hat on!

-The Telegraph

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