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Cody Citizens Anxious to Berate New Burger Place on Social Media

Cody, WY

There's a new restaurant starting to open in Cody. The person(s) who started the place have spent lots of money on it. They made a bet based on the fact that hamburgers are really tasty, that perhaps their burgers could compete in the area. Ahh, the winds of free market and entrepreneurship. They're also hoping for lots of trivial hatred in return.

Thankfully, a brave but select few members of the community have vowed to stand in solidarity against the place-for even the smallest reasons. The Telegraph was able to contact a spokesperson within the group,

'We're working on something big. We don't know how or why yet, but something about this place is really going to bother us- and when it does, we're taking directly to Facebook to tell you about it. Often.'

More from The Park County Telegraph after the doors are open for good.

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