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Clark Gets Drunk, Fights Jackson Hole at State Christmas Party

Clark, WY

Things were progressing famously at the Wyoming State Christmas Party, Friday Night. Pinedale was chatting it up with Wamsutter about oil and gas, Lovell and Ranchester were playing Monkey in the Middle with the Big Horns, and Cody was sucking up to Cheyenne, as usual. Just good, clean, party fun.

Then it happened. In walks Jackson dressed in a Spyder jacket and loafers. Late as usual. He was talking about all the pow he had ridden, and how he was dying for an IPA. He bumped into Clark, who had been drinking warm Bud Lights since noon, and that's when things took a turn,

'Excuse me, could you put that cigarette out, cowboy? And try to watch where you're loitering?'

Clark chuckled, ate his cigarette, and knocked Jackson out with one punch. Good guys Ralston and Sundance pulled Clark away and told him to get some fresh air. No word from Cheyenne on whether on not they are mad or just disappointed.

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