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Charizard Attacks on the Rise in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park

Bears, Bison, Elk, oh my! Move over, ordinary suspects, there's a new equalizer in town to educate tourists. And he's not wasting any time getting to work.

Charizard, the Fire/Flying type Pokémon you insisted to your children doesn't exist, has been spotted several times in the past couple of weeks around Yellowstone National Park- sometimes even frying the faces of some unlucky tourists. Without much rhyme or reason for the attacks, park officials are desperate to find a solution. Dished a top official in the Maulings department to The Telegraph,

'This cartoon as***le is just flying around the park, barbecuing faces like it ain't a thing. We're in desperate need of some nerdy kid who can catch the sucker in a Pokeball. Help!'

If you or a loved one know such a nerd, please contact the Yellowstone Maulings department, directly. Don't tell them we sent you, though. Just to be safe.

More as the story develops...

-The Telegraph

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