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Cavalier Park County Mom Repeatedly Comments on 'Hoarfrost’, Dares Family to Say Something

Powell, WY

Maybe it was the white mocha. Maybe the licidity of a Saturday morning. Maybe mom just really likes frosty mornings. Whatever the case, a Powell mom was surely on a roll with her family about this morning's frost, err, hoarfrost. Said mom,

'Ahh, nice little hoarfrost we had last night....See the hoarfrost, kids?...Yeah, they call that a hoarfrost. Way hoarish...'

Mom’s got a point. This morning‘s weather phenomenon was pretty spectacula. No word at press time whether or not she was taunting her family or genuinely into frosty morning. As Rose put it in, ‘Titanic’, a woman’s heart is a deep sea of secrets.

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