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Black Friday Scandal: Santa Emerges From Best Choice Motel, Smells of Beef and Cheese

Powell, WY

The Powell community is still trying to reconcile with what could be the biggest scandal to rock the community in the last several days. A previously-assumed-innocent St. Nicholas flies into town every year on a helicopter, but today's torrid Wyoming weather thwarted the plan. Would-be Santa spotters had all but given up, when all of the sudden, the man in red was spotted stumbling out of Powell's finest lodging establishment, The Best Choice Motel.

Santa bobbed and weaved through the confused crowd, trying to make his way to the Commons. Witnesses describe Santa's essence as, 'beef and cheese-like.' After pausing for a couple of labored photo opportunities, Santa made it safely to the Commons to sit upon his throne of lies. At press time, our own Park County Telegraph Live News Team confirmed the line to see Santa had surpassed the original Oregon Trail in overall length. Godspeed, Powell, as you deal with this quake.

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