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Beth Dutton Excels as Head of PCSD #1 Complaint Department

Park County, WY

They pulled it off! Kids across the county are finally back in school! A major tip o' the cap to the district for making it happen. The faculty, especially.

As with literally every facet of public school decision making, the board is fully anticipating a wave of unsolicited feedback. In preparation, the district sought to appoint a person to head up a department dedicated to collecting and managing the feedback. Fortuitously, during her extended recovery time from being mail-bombed, Beth Dutton has accepted the position. Already making fantastic strides in the position, one dad shared his morning experience with The Telegraph,

'I was simply educating faculty in front of students about how my tax dollars pay their wages, and how mandating masks was the tool of sheeple, when Ms. Dutton walked up to me and put a cigarette out on my face.'

Only a couple of hours into the new role and already gently persuading angry parents to either keep their opinions to themselves or home school. Yay Beth! Yay Park County! Yay back to school!

-The Telegraph

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