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2019: Slayer Confirmed to Headline Park County Fair, Shufflebuggy to Open

Powell, WY

The times they are a changin', and this year's headlining entertainment at the Park County Fair is no exception. In their constant quest to appeal to the progressive Park County populous, the fair board has announced, this morning, that they have successfully booked one of the most influential thrash metal bands in the world for 2019 fair: Slayer. While the decision had been narrowed to several other metal bands, the board was confident with their decision,

'Slayer is a band of principals. Principals that align with the Wyoming way. We expect their classic, Raining Blood, to be a real tearjerker for the community. And with Shufflebuggy in the mix? Should be a total home run.'

Eat your heart out, Billings, there's a new super-venue in the area-and that venue is The Park County Fair! Gates open at 6, Shufflebuggy starts at 7, Slayer is on at 9. City of Powell is even providing post-show counseling, if needed, at no additional fee. See you there, Metalheads!

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